Sawaeed Employment LLC was established in 2006 and has diversified significantly, now leading in the fields of recruitment, staffing, and employment solutions in UAE. It is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic, and culturally diverse workforce consisting of more than 120,000 people. It was founded by a group of 16 UAE National Companies with a dream of hiring various kinds of workforce under one Visa Sponsorship and further outsourcing them to diversified businesses in Government and Private organisations in the region along with consequently controlling the workflow, ensuring the rights of the representatives, furnishing them with high expectations for everyday comforts by building labour cities, and managing all employee benefits as per the UAE Labor Law.

It serves over 450 clients while employing more than 120,000 employees from 200 different categories. Our solutions help clients increase agility, improve productivity, and boost their bottom line. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with over ten years of experience, It caters to more than 200 different categories and more than 25 different industries.

How Sawaeed
Holding is Involved?

Sawaeed Holding PJSC is the keystone of its holding and subsidiary companies, masterfully directing their growth trajectories. Under its aegis, Takatof Employment LLC has risen as a distinguished manpower supplier in the UAE, ensuring global outreach with unparalleled efficiency. Sawaeed Facilities Management LLC echoes the parent company’s commitment to service excellence, cementing its leadership in facility care. The strategic prowess of Sawaeed Holding breathes life into Sawaeed Investment LLC, diversifying its footprint from real estate to varied sectors. Simultaneously, Sawaeed Training Center LLC is sculpted to champion quality training, mirroring the standards upheld by its parent. Collectively, the subsidiaries resonate with Sawaeed Holding’s vision, highlighting its pivotal role in their success.

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