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Established in 2006 by 16 pioneering UAE National Companies, Sawaeed Employment LLC evolved from an initial emphasis on employment services to the UAE’s foremost business support and outsourcing provider. Based in Abu Dhabi, our 120,000-strong team serves over 450 clients across 25 industries, steadfastly championing workers’ rights.

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Founded in 2018, Sawaeed Holding PJSC is among the top holding companies in Abu Dhabi, leading a group of top-tier companies and its subsidiaries with a vast local investment canvas. As the UAE’s top manpower entity, they champion sustainable growth for all stakeholders. Their hallmark is cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction, driven by a cohesive team and fortified partnerships that enrich community opportunities.

Who We are

Established in 2006, Sawaeed Holding PJSC is a prominent investment group headquartered in Abu Dhabi. We operate with the vision of creating sustainable, ever-evolving financial returns that benefit not only our partners and shareholders but also the communities we serve. We are proud to be recognized as UAE’s leading Manpower company.

Our holding and subsidiary companies span a range of diversified growth sectors, delivering best-in-class manpower and investment solutions, including Sawaeed Employment L.L.C, Sawaeed Training Center L.L.C, Sawaeed Investment L.L.C, Sawaeed Facilities Management L.L.C, and Takatof Employment L.L.C in Dubai. Each subsidiary plays a vital role in providing efficient project monitoring, effective cost control, and timely project delivery—qualities that make us stand out in the market.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated team’s professionalism and code of conduct, successfully managing prestigious projects and maintaining a satisfied client base. Our team and solid partnerships help bring futuristic visions to life, offering the community growth opportunities.

Our Clients

Sawaeed Holding PJSC proudly serves an expanding roster of clients who experience the same high level of professionalism, transparency, and quality that defines our reputation. From facility management to staffing solutions, we go above and beyond to meet global standards, ensuring our clients feel valued and well-served.

Our Projects

At Sawaeed Holding PJSC, our projects span various sectors, including construction, oil & gas, and hospitality. Whether it’s manpower solutions or advanced facilities management, our subsidiaries execute projects that align with international standards, delivering excellence and value across the board.

Sawaeed Elevating employment to a fulfilling career journey.

Sawaeed invests in your career journey, transforming employment into a fulfilling and rewarding experience, unlocking your full potential.
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Strategic Investments

The company targets high-quality companies in various sectors, such as construction, oil & gas, hospitality, transport, and more, seeking attractive growth prospects and market leadership.

What's Next?

Stay tuned for exciting updates! Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C continues to expand its services and partnerships, bringing new growth opportunities to the community and shareholders alike. Don’t miss our upcoming events designed to showcase our latest achievements.

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