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    Sawaeed started in 2006 as a company providing employment services. Since then, it has grown into a large organization with many different businesses. Over 32,000 people have worked for Sawaeed since it began.

    Originally, Sawaeed only helped people find jobs. Now, the company also invests in many industries like construction, oil/gas, hotels, manufacturing, telecommunications, and finance. Sawaeed invests in successful companies that can keep making money over time.

    So in its 17+ year history, Sawaeed has gone from a small employment agency to a diverse holding group with over 32,000 employees and investments across many economic sectors.

    Sawaeed and its subsidiary companies work in many different industries. Originally, Sawaeed only provided employment services to help people find jobs. Now, Sawaeed has businesses in construction, oil and gas, hotels, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, banks and investment companies and other areas. Sawaeed has expanded over the years from employment into investments across most of the economy. Its subsidiaries let Sawaeed have a wide range of operations.
    Sawaeed Holding supports its subsidiaries in a variety of critical ways, providing the resources and assistance needed for growth and success. Specifically, Sawaeed invests funding so subsidiaries can take on major expansions, lends executive guidance for key business planning, mobilizes real estate and facilities for company housing and infrastructure needs, and offers access to essential centralized services like HR, IT, marketing and more. Through this comprehensive backing across funding, advising, infrastructure, and organizational capabilities, Sawaeed empowers its family of companies to excel and prosper in their diverse industries and operations.

    Sawaeed Holding’s main economic and social goals are to expand its business, create jobs, and build important infrastructure projects. By investing in many types of companies across construction, energy, manufacturing, and more, Sawaeed earns money while fueling economic expansion and employment. Thousands get jobs at Sawaeed subsidiaries and the company also develops infrastructure projects like roads and power plants that provide economic benefits to society.

    Plus Sawaeed trains workers to give them skills and builds housing to provide homes. Through driving business growth, hiring people, enabling infrastructure works, training employees, and housing them, Sawaeed aims to spur economic momentum while bettering people’s livelihoods. That is its economic and social purpose.

    Sawaeed’s different subsidiaries focus on different business areas.
    • Sawaeed Employment provides job recruitment services to help people find work.
    • Sawaeed Investment puts money into many companies across industries like construction and energy to grow those businesses.
    • Sawaeed Hospitality builds and operates hotels and resorts for travellers.
    • Sawaeed Healthcare makes hospitals and clinics to provide medical care.
    • Sawaeed Foods produces food products.
    • Sawaeed Facilities Management maintains and manages buildings.
    • Sawaeed Industry sets up manufacturing factories.
    So each subsidiary works in its own sector – employment, investment, hospitality, healthcare, food, facilities, industry – to support economic growth in that part of the economy. Together the Sawaeed family of companies works across most industries.
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