Sawaeed To Establish The UAE’s Largest Vocational Training Center

Sawaeed To Establish The UAE's Largest Vocational Training Center.

Sawaeed sets aside AED 20 million to establish the UAE’s largest vocational training center for graduates and professionals in Abu Dhabi. Sawaeed Employment L.L.C has launched a new strategy to provide qualified professionals to the government and private sectors. Since its inception, Sawaeed has provided more than 30,000 regular and temporary jobs in the UAE.

Hamad Saleh Ballaith, CEO of Sawaeed Holding: Construction sector needs half a million workers in 2018.The UAE labor market is growing at an accelerated pace over the next two years.

“On Demand Workers” is a strategic choice for doing business.

Sawaeed Employment L.L.C plans to establish the largest vocational training center in the UAE for graduates and professionals in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, at a cost of more than 20 million dirhams. The Training Centre will start its operations by end of 2019 in order to provide the job market in UAE with qualified professionals and craftsmen ready to integrate in the careers requirements. Details of the project will be unveiled in the next few days according to Hamad Saleh Ballaith, CEO of Sawaeed Holding.

Sawaeed Employment L.L.C was founded in 2006 by a group of 16 UAE national companies with a single vision of employing all types of manpower under one visa and providing demand-driven employment to various fields of government and private sectors in the UAE, Sawaeed has a state of art standards of living plans by establishment of labor cities and the management of all employee benefits in accordance with the Labor Law of the United Arab Emirates.

Sawaeed Employment serves more than 35 major entities and companies in the UAE with a total of 450 clients in 220 business categories, providing more than 30,000 jobs through either direct or temporary employment over the last ten years. Construction sector in need for about 500 thousand workers during the current year and construction requires a huge numbers of different professions and disciplines. Mr. Ballaith stated.

“Emiratization is one of our government’s top priorities, Sawaeed are committed to helping UAE nationals work and join government & private sectors”.Sawaeed offers a search for employees and executive candidates, direct or on-demand employment, Sawaeed supports the development of UAE nationals skills and encourages them for career progression.

Sawaeed main focus is on providing workers to the Construction, Oil and Gas, Facilities Management, Hospitality and Domestic sectors, as well as the administrative and banking activities, private and some government sectors.

He explained that Sawaeed is fully knowledgeable and experienced in meeting clients requirements, including hiring new employees or transferring current employees to Sawaeed sponsorship. In the case of the new employment, the offer will be presented and approved, the service level and employment agreement is signed, interviews are coordinated and negotiations are conducted. The service includes Medical examination, Visa attestation, UAE ID card, employment contract, attendance scheduling, payroll preparation, leave, intensives & contract termination management, etc.).

Sawaeed bears full responsibility for the accommodation of its employees by providing adequate living conditions in the Sawaeed Residential Compounds in different locations of UAE. “We guarantee that our employees will be provided with similar living conditions in our client’s accommodation if they choose to stay in their accommodations”. Mr. Ballaith said

The on-demand option can be used as a strategic solution for all or part of human resources activities, those activities usually carried out by staff at the internally, thus reducing the cost of employment.

On-demand workers supplied by Sawaeed is fully complied with the applicable labor laws in the UAE.

On other hand, we encourage our clients to send their operation teams to visit the Sawaeed Training Center to select the workers required for their projects. The center develops labor skills according to the latest professional education systems suitable for the labor market trends.

Mr. Ballaith pointed that Sawaeed Group investments has exceeded AED 500 million, clarifies that the labor market in the UAE will see further growth during the next two years at an accelerated pace as the development projects continue in the UAE in addition to the preparation to host Expo 2020 in Dubai, which will contribute significantly to further economic activity, especially the tourism sector

Expansion of business activities through 6 subsidiaries.

Hamad Ballaith, Chief Executive of the company said:

Sawaeed manages several companies:
  1. Managed by a specialized team, Sawaeed Investment L.L.C is managing Sawaeed Residential Compound, which accommodates 7,500 workers in the Mafraq area of Abu Dhabi.
  2. Sawaeed Training Center L.L.C is a specialized training center in developing workers skills by professional team of trainers.
  3. Sawaeed Facilities Management L.L.C manages Sawaeed Residential Compound according to the regulations of UAE. It strives to provide the best comfort for the Sawaeed compound residents.
  4. Takatof Employment LLC (Dubai) provides employment services (temporary employment) in the Emirate of Dubai and the Northern Region.
  5. While Sawaeed Al Naba’a Catering L.L.C is responsible for providing catering services to many commercial sectors.
  6. Sawaeed Al-Naba’a Facilities Management is specialized in providing facilities management and cleaning services to many sectors.
Sawaeed has developed a strategy to cover various business sectors in the country by providing candidates, qualifies them at Sawaeed Training Centre which the company intends to establish during the current year in coordination with universities & education institutes in UAE.
Mr. Ballaith said that Sawaeed has managed to provide more than 2,300 jobs to UAE Emiratis in different sectors. He added that Sawaeed has developed a strategy of direct communication with educational institutions and national universities as sources for nomination of graduates. Sawaeed prepares them for the labor market through continues training courses until they emerged in the labor market on direct or temporary employment methods.

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