Khaleej Times: Hamad Saleh Ballaith: Arming you with right skillset

Hamad Saleh Ballaith: Arming you with right skillset

Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Filed on March 10, 2021

Sawaeed is the name for trusted and gainful employment avenues. Its edge is in qualitative manpower deliverance

Hamad Saleh Ballaith is out there with a mission, and the selfless human in him is nursed to care for others. This is why the Chief Executive Officer of Sawaeed Holding PJSC wears many feathers in his cap, as he conveniently deals with investment portfolios, advises governmental bodies and has been at the forefront in professionally streamlining manpower in the UAE and abroad.

The success story of Hamad Ballaith is one of inspiration. He is awed for his acumen and decision-making and has the vision to regroup talent for institutions and nation-building. The way in which his company generates employment opportunities for white and blue-collar workers, as well as the training and grooming of intellect, and skilled manpower, is unprecedented. It has made the company indispensable as organisations rely on its services in quest of a resilient workforce.

The CEO of Sawaeed Holding PJSC has also had the honour of looking after Minors Funds at the Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation in Al Ain, besides taking care of Etisalat and the Emirates NBD Bank. With a Master’s degree in HR Management from Ajman University of Science and Technology, Hamad made sure that he harnesses an enterprising workforce in all sectors.

Hamad is a man of few words, and he makes sure that he is precise and categorical to the point. This is his edge in leadership, too. He believes that knowledge powerbase and diversity are essential factors in life. This thinking has enabled him to take a leap forward in whatever he does and makes his presence felt with a difference.

“I work to create the necessary space and achieve the goals set for the institution, and my current responsibilities are in other words to make a qualitative difference,” he remarked. He elucidated his scheme of things by saying, “I’m looking forward to creating equal employment opportunities for all the unemployed through vocational training, and introducing them to the labour market.” And the CEO has done that with excellence, which is why his firm is known for meticulous services, and delivering the best human resource solutions.

Sawaeed Holding PJSC, which was established in Abu Dhabi as a national entity, has a comprehensive vision and specialises in managing the group’s investments. It is a group of seven companies operating independently in several areas, including manpower outsourcing to the construction, real estate, energy, hospitality, catering and facilities management sectors. It is also instrumental in vocational and professional training, and this is where Hamad wants to make the difference.

As far as Sawaeed Holding PJSC is concerned, its focus is on providing the labour market with a trained, qualified and certified workforce from institutions specialised in vocational training locally and internationally.  This is exceptional thinking in an era when the world is content with an ad hoc basis of governance, and companies worldwide are choosy in investing in manpower.

Sawaeed Holding PJSC leads from the front in uplifting management and manpower potential with a staggering difference. It also offers labour accommodation services for workers and employees in Sawaeed Residential City, and the standards are second to none as per international criterion.

The group’s assets and investments amount to around half a billion dirhams. In the year 2020, Sawaeed Holding was listed on the second market of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), too.

Other subsidiaries of Sawaeed Holding PJSC include Sawaeed Employment LLC; Sawaeed Training Center LLC; Sawaeed Facilities Management LLC; Sawaeed Investment LLC; Takatof Employment LLC (headquartered in Dubai); Sawaeed Al Naba Facilities Management LLC; Sawaeed Al Naba Catering Services LLC and Sawaeed Residential City (SRC), was developed by Sawaeed Investment LLC, the investment arm of the group. It is one of the most dynamic and human resource-driven magnate companies in the UAE.

While narrating the specifics and competitive edge of Sawaeed Holding PJSC, Hamad says it is the mosaic of deep investment in the human factor that differentiates it from others. “We provide appropriate vocational training for the labour market.” Hamad made it a point to recall that the financial soundness and management’s farsightedness helped Sawaeed Holding PJSC to successfully overcome the pressure and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the company profile remained unscratched.

Hamad’s depth of knowledge and expertise in manpower dynamics are exceptional. He says the nature of the company’s area of activity as a blue-collar manpower outsourcing company comes with many challenges. “It often brings severe liabilities, such as forcing us to accept back demobilised or redundant blue-collar workers due to the end of the project. This poses a huge challenge. Likewise, securing new projects and retaining the workforce comes with a particular cost.” Sawaeed Holding PJSC deals with these issues with magnanimity, as it is pristinely one of the largest providers of manpower in the UAE.

Having successfully beaten the downslide effects of Covid-19, Sawaeed Holding PJSC looks forward to a bright future ahead. The company’s exceptional policies in keeping its workers safe from the pandemic, and at the same time avoiding downsizing is genuine leadership. Hamad says it helped usher in a new lease in business activity and bolstered the confidence of the workers.

As gigantic future plans, Hamad eyes to upgrade the Sawaeed Training Centre, which is one of the largest vocational training centres in the UAE. “We hope it will contribute to providing trained and qualified workers to the labour market with the necessary skills, thus contributing immensely to strengthening the UAE economy.

The versatile boss of Sawaeed Holding PJSC has a piece of advice for the youngsters. He says never look back and do what is deemed fit. “I would say, focusing on acquiring the necessary skills in various fields, especially in technology and industrial intelligence, are essential for a promising career,” Hamad listed out. He stressed continuous self-development in order to keep pace with changes, and subsequently overcome challenges. “Be content and resilient; as it is the only way to success,” he remarked.

Sawaeed Holding PJSC is committed to building a strong partnership with its clients and partners. Its hallmarks are trust, reliability and efficiency in various industrious domains. Undoubtedly, Sawaeed Holding has a customer-focused mindset, and that is its edge. Hamad believes in transforming manpower and management skills to new heights of professionalism and competence in the UAE.

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