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Sawaeed Training Center LLC is an innovative training center that operates with high standards taking into account the current challenges in technology and employment in the Middle East. Sawaeed Training Center LLC has been engaged in the sectors of vocational training, additional training, and human resources development opportunities to engineers and technical professionals around the globe. The vocational training center is located in Musaffah Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi.

Our expert instructors deliver relevant and applicable courses from carpentry to steel installation, electrical work, plumbing, paints, and construction. Our group of professionally certified trainers who have qualified records in training workers and employees from different countries works closely to refine their work skills in accordance with the requirements of the labour market in the United Arab Emirates before being mobilized to sites. Our training includes inbound training, preliminary training for new employees and workers, revitalising training for existing craftsmen, comprehensive training to upgrade the efficiency, outbound training and many more training services essential for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth through knowledge and innovation.

How Sawaeed Holding is Involved?

Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C., a premier corporate holding company, extends substantial support to its subsidiary, Sawaeed Training Center L.L.C. This esteemed vocational training center in Abu Dhabi excels in addressing the evolving challenges in technology and the employment sectors with agility and expertise. Sawaeed Training Center L.L.C stands out in delivering diverse, relevant training modules and human resources development opportunities to a global assembly of technical professionals and engineers. By offering specialised, meticulously designed courses, it aligns skills with the dynamic demands of the U.A.E. labour market, establishing itself as a pivotal labour training center in Abu Dhabi. Sawaeed Holding bolsters the center’s pursuits with enriched, consolidated resources and unwavering support, ensuring a seamless fusion of innovation, knowledge, and best corporate governance practices, thereby contributing to sustainable economic growth in an ever-advancing business ecosystem.

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Abu Dhabi, Musaffah, ICAD 3, Dihn Al Ward Street

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