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Sawaeed Investment - Sole Proprietorship LLC is an investment company for a wide range of leading international and local brands and businesses. It is recognized and respected for its longstanding contribution to the economic growth of the UAE. Through the company’s continued expansion, dedicated commitment to excellence, and diversification of resources, Sawaeed Investment LLC has been able to offer partners and customers strong business representation and professional support in the UAE. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Sawaeed Investment is a subsidiary fully owned by Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C. The company was initially formed to provide quality living staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi, welcoming workforce from all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

We take pride in our diverse portfolio of investments - and how they’ve helped to shape society. Empowering our communities and businesses with financial vision and innovative endeavours, Sawaeed Investment LLC has driven progress in key sectors and markets – such as real estate, staff accommodation, financial investments, among others. To successfully fulfil this, Sawaeed Investment LLC made a massive investment of AED 200 million to build its first-ever residential project in Al Mafraq. This new housing complex can accommodate a workforce of up to 7,500 residents.


How Sawaeed Holding is Involved?


Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C., a renowned holding company for investments, actively oversees and supports Sawaeed Investment L.L.C., a subsidiary integral to its diversified portfolio. Originating as a provider of premium labour accommodation in Abu Dhabi, Sawaeed Investment has expanded its reach, impacting sectors like real estate and financial investments since its establishment in 2007. Sawaeed Holding fortifies the subsidiary’s growth through the provision of shared resources and administrative support, intensifying the development of labour camps in the U.A.E. This strategic involvement ensures the continual progression and enhancement of Abu Dhabi labour camp accommodations, reinforcing the commitment to sustainable economic growth and operational excellence in the region.


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