Outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing business practices today with services ranging from Labor & Workers Employment, Human Resource, IT, Customer Service, Legal, R&D, Transport, Catering, Sales, Marketing, Debt Collection and many others across all lines of businesses.
As companies grow and their needs for niche positions is not easily found in the national market, small- and large-scale businesses in the country run into Visa Limitations amongst other labour-related issues.
Moreover, with the rise of the startup ecosystem, outsourcing has provided a way for founders and entrepreneurs to find international top tech talent at a considerable discount to create their companies or enhance their existing team.
It is then that our management has decided to simplify and offer all these services on an outsourced basis where we met with customers across all industries to understand their needs and setup Sawaeed Employment LLC, Sawaeed Residential City., mainly to provide a shared service model of Manpower Outsourcing Services to the various sectors in the UAE.
We have come to learn about the issues experienced by blue-collar workers from timely wage release, living facilities and insurances. As a resolution, we started hiring bulk blue-collared employees all under our Visa Sponsorship. We provided them with Health and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance coverage, Emirates ID, payroll management, Salary transfer through WPS on a fixed date every month, provided them with good accommodation, transportation and food. In addition, we took care of their employment contracts, leave management, leave payments, tickets and end of service payments. 
We started approaching customers to rent our workers on hourly/monthly basis and made sure employees are deployed properly. Every admin, HR-related tasks were managed by our company.  This saved our Clients time up to 80% in managing tactical and transaction-oriented routine HR operations and streamline their internal process to focus more on their core competencies and strategic tasks. 
We have hired over 120,000 employees and workers to date and successfully provided the outsourcing services that met and exceeded the expectations of our customers largely to the Construction Sector in response to the market demand.
To expand our reach, we started providing our services to other Private and Public Sectors such as Hospitality, Domestic, Oil & Gas (Onshore and Offshore), Retail, Offices, Transport, Landscaping, Government Offices, Facility Management and others.
For the last 13 years until today, we provide all kinds of HR outsourcing Services catering to customers needs in exemplary fashion.

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