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About Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C

Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C commenced operations in 2018 with a vision to create ever-evolving and sustainable financial returns that benefit not only to our partners and shareholders but also to the communities. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C is a well-established investment group of companies with a variety of dynamic, diversified growth sectors. It is known to be 'UAE's leading Manpower company.

Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C is successfully providing a price-conscious but best-in-class manpower and investment solutions to the businesses. Efficient project monitoring, effective cost control, and ahead-of-time project delivery are just some of the USPs of Sawaeed Holding. With a dedicated team of qualified personnel, professionalism and code of conduct, the firm has managed to behold prestigious projects and satisfied client base.

The dynamic confluence of our team and solid partnerships brings futuristic visions to life helping ​the community with growth opportunities. Founded in 2018 with an economic and social mandate, Sawaeed Holding P.J.S.C has a group of leading companies that includes its subsidiaries with diversified local and regional investment portfolio:

  • Sawaeed Employment L.L.C
  • Sawaeed Investment L.L.C
  • Sawaeed Training Center L.L.C
  • Sawaeed Facilities Management L.L.C
  • Takatof Employment LLC (Dubai)
  • Sawaeed Al Naba Facilities Management L.L.C
  • Sawaeed Al Naba Catering services L.L.C

We Bring The Best Solutions

Sawaeed holding P.J.S.C understands that the key to development and sustainability is to contribute to the social and economic development and prosperity of the communities in which we operate. When it comes to contributing to the socio-economic development, we always follow professionalism, transparency, integrity and high work ethics in our business.

In a world full of complicated and rapidly changing business processes, activities and operations, our team of experts ensure your business goals are met. With reliable and accurate transparent reporting, compliance with local and international regulations, adherence to corporate policies and procedures, we commit the best practices of corporate governance. Our team of Board of Directors, assisted by the Executive Management Committee and the Internal Audit Teamwork and co-create adhering to our code of conduct to offer our customers with an advanced solution that guarantee cost-effectiveness, safety, and privacy.


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+971 2 5594444


P.O. Box 70919, Building #1, Floor #7 Mazyad Mall, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abudhabi, UAE

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